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Looking for best earphones to buy?

Then you have come to the right place.

In this article, I have listed top 10 best earphones based on their performance and sound quality.

Most them comes with an inbuilt microphone and also have good bass, sound quality.

Before buying any good earphones, you should check out the buying guide in the below section.

Best Earphones Under 500 In India

Here is the list:
  • HP H1000 In-ear Headphone
  • Philips SHE3590WT/98 In-Ear Headphones
  • Amazon Basic In-ear Headphone
  • Philips SHE3700BK/00 Headphone
  • Dice Bluetooth Headset With Mic
  • Philips SHE1405BK/94 In-Ear Headphone Headset With Mic
  • MOBITECH Handsfree 3.5mm Earphone
  • Portronics POR-767 Conch 204 (Blue) In-Ear Stereo Headphone
  • MI Basic In-ear headphone

HP H1000 In-ear - Best Cheap Earphone

HP is a well-known brand, and it requires no more introduction. They have various types of headphones and other computer accessories you can buy from.

Another great feature of this headphone is that it comes with extra pairs of earbuds so that it can fit in your ears very comfortably.

This earphone comes with a 3.5mm jack so that it can be connected to any smartphone, laptop or computer.

The overall sound quality is good and the bass is also reasonable in this price range of 400 rupees.

The weight of this product is 14 grams and has a 1-year warranty from HP brand.


  • Glossy and Mattey finish.
  • 1.2m long cord.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • 14gram weight.
  • Bass is not so good but reasonable in this price range.
  • Packaging is not so good.

Philips SHE3590WT/98 -Best Earphones Under 500

Philips is a well-known brand in India and all over the world. They tend to innovate excellent quality products.

This Philips SHE3590WT/98 comes with a simple ergonomic design so that after listening music for a long time, your ear doesn't hurt.
Philips Earphones

Another great feature of this headphone is that it comes with extra pairs of earbuds so that it can fit in your ears very comfortably. These earbuds are made of silicon and help to feel smooth when listening music.

The packaging of the product is excellent.

This earphone can be connected to any smartphone, laptop or computer with its 3.5mm jack.

the bass is excellent and overall sound quality is good.

The weight of this product is 14 grams.


  • Glossy and Mattey finish.
  • 1.2m long cord.
  • 6-months manufactures warranty.
  • 10gram weight.
  • Comes without the microphone.

PHILIPS SHE3700BK Best Earphone with Mic Under 500

This SHE3700BK model is another great piece of earphone under 500 rupees.

The main difference is that it comes with a microphone which is not available in the above model.

Another great feature of this headphone is that it comes with extra pairs of earbuds so that it can fit in your ears very comfortably. These earbuds are made of silicon and help to feel smooth when listening music.

The packaging of the product is excellent.

This earphone can be connected to any smartphone, laptop or computer with its 3.5mm jack.

the bass is excellent and overall sound quality is good.

The weight of this product is 20 grams and the length of the wire is 1.2m which is standard in all earphones.


  • Glossy Black finish.
  • 1.2m long cord.
  • 6-months manufactures warranty.
  • 20gram weight.
  • Comes without the microphone.

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Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
I am a fan of smartphones! I can do so many things on my phone like chatting with friends, playing games( COC- I'm at TownHall 11), listening music and editing photos.

You name it.

What I hate most when I see my battery percent dropping like a stone from the air.

..Unless I used these tips to prolong my phone's battery life.

My favorite is #5.

#1. Don't use any screen savers

Yes, you heard that right! Those fancy HD wallpapers you think make your phone awesome may not always the best option for you.

Many of us use Samsung smartphones which have AMOLED display panel which shows images by pixel. 

And you can use this function to prolong your battery life.  Select a black wallpaper and set it. It will save some percentage battery.

#2 Remove Unwanted apps from phone

Apps running in the background is the main reason behind your battery draining. You can do few things to save yourself from this problem.

#3 Background data limit, use this function to keep the battery and unwanted data bills.

#4 Use 4G wisely when don't use internet data, please make sure it was OFF.

#5 Don't use those battery saving apps, seriously they run on background.

#6 Don't use auto brightness mode. Its maybe great feature but help you to save battery in the long run.

#7 Use battery saving mode when you've less than 20%, and charge it immediately. Don't wait for fully discharge.

#8 Charge whenever you get some time but make sure before charging battery must be at natural temperature because it maybe damages the battery life.

#9 Disable every function like sync, GPS,  auto-rotating, wifi when not using this features.

#10 Goto google play store and navigate to setting >> disable auto updates of apps.

#11 Always update the apps. Most often they're improved for battery optimization by fixing the bugs.

#12 When using the smartphone and it gets heated to make sure you're not using the phone unless its cooled down.

#13 Don't use internal memory at any cost for saving photos, files, videos, etc. This will slow down the handset and consume more battery.

 Conclusion: Increase or Save Battery Life 

I hope you liked this 13 tips that will help you save your battery more and prolong your battery life.
If you've any question comment below I"ll help you out.
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Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
Looking for good WordPress hosting deal in this Cyber Monday?

Your searching ends here.

I included a list of best WordPress hosting providers. (You can read the post here).

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Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
So you're planning to buy a smartphone.
buy smartphone now

And questions like below came to your mind:

1. What types of the phone should I choose?

2. Do I need to buy a high priced smartphone?

3. Which things should I consider when buying android phones?

4. Which is best iPhone or Android?

All the questions answered in this post.

Things To Consider When Buying Smartphones

There are many things of a mobile like displays, batteries, frameworks, camera, RAM and ROM.

Here is a list of top 10 smartphones in India under 15000.

Here are few major things you should consider:

  1. Display: Min. 5 inch.
  2. Battery: 3000mAh.
  3. RAM: 2GB+
  4. ROM: 16GB+.
  5. Android OS: 6+.
  6. Camera: 15MP.
  7. Processor: Quad Core or Octa Core.
  8. Sensors: Fingerprint.
  9. Rating: 4.1+.

So let's dive deep, or you can go here top 20 mobiles to choose from (already listed after considering these things.)

Screen Size-The Best Choice

There are three types of mobile screen available on the market.

1. Small Screen (below 5inches)

2. Medium screen (between 5inch to 5.6inch)

3. Larger Screen (Above screen size 5.6)

Small Screen

If you want a smartphone that looks great on your hand and has a variety of functionality, then you should checkout mobiles with a screen size above 4.6- 5.0 inch.

Plus if you're on a tight budget then you should consider about this.

For example, there are many smartphones like LG S6 and iPhone 7 (screen size 4. 8) which looks excellent.

Medium Screen

Now, this types of the screen very popular nowadays.

Medium screen size ranges from 5.0 - 5.6 inches.  Its suitable if you like to watch youtube videos, love to play video games (not so high quality), watching movies then this type of screen fits you very well.

There are many smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung J3 Pro, Samsung J7 in India not only looks great plus they have many features.

Large Screen

Large screen sizes are better for readers and very popular among gamers who like to play HD-quality games.

The screen size of this types of mobiles  5.5 inches or above. There are many other features that you will love them.

Display Panel

The display panel is the touchscreen. These panels are available in different types on the market.

There are AMOLED, LCD, OLED, etc. available. When you go outside in daylight, these panels are the reason how well you see your screen.

Displays with AMOLED panel or screen I always recommend but other displays like OLED, PMOLED also recommended.

Here are some of the phone with AMOLED screens on it.


Did you know your display size matters a lot when comes to battery saving?

Playing high quality (HD) games, watching movies online also drain your battery power.

For example:

A 2000mAh battery will drain fast compared to a 3000mAh battery (of course while doing same things).

However, right now processors are optimized for quick battery charge and are saving a lot of battery these days.

Even there is an option called battery saving mode. 

RAM-Random Access Memory

Random Access Memory.

When you start an app, it loads on your RAM and unless you save anything.

For example: When you start your favorite game on your mobile it loads on your ram (and your processor operate the game).

It is the bloodline of your processor. Unless you've ram storage, your processor can't do anything correctly on its own!

So always go for more RAM (min. 2GB and if you're a gamer min.4GB)

Now here I want to include that RAM speed up things.

If you are a gamer and play high-quality games a lot, then there is one thing called  GPU comes into play.

GPU: Graphics Processing Unit. 

This unit helps you to play High-Quality videos, HD games without lagging the screen.

ROM- Internal Storage of Smartphone

Internal memory or ROM the storage for your apps, images, videos, etc.

However, 16GB memory does not mean precisely 16GB ( you get like 14GB).

Want to improve the performance of your phone then does not use this space. 


Who does not want to take beautiful photos, selfies?

I know, I love to take a selfie.

When it comes to buying phones, always go for more than 16 Mega Pixel (and get creative with photo suit.)

Now that does not mean a 20 MP camera will capture a better photo than a 16MP camera.

There are many other things like ISO, shutter speed, and aperture comes into play.

A good smartphone with low apperature(for minimum light) or high aperture(for more light), with high ISO number, would be perfect for you.

You can find more about smartphone cameras here.

Processors-Heart of The Smartphone

There are two main things matter the most:

Core like dual core, quad core or octa-core. Processing speed like 1GHz, 2GHz or more.

Let's understand deeply:

Core of Smartphone

There are many types of core available online with different kinds of manufacturers like snapdragon, media kit, etc.

Single core means one unique computing cheap with a single central processing unit. In these type of processor, you can't do multi-tasking efficiently.

Dual Core means one single computing cheap with two independent central processing unit.

Note: The computing cheap only process one data at a time. However, with two or more cores you feel the increase of speed.

Similarly quad-core, octa-core works on the same principle.

Users Ratings & Reviews

So you found a good phone with all the features you needed. Then what?

Your first brilliant move will be checking the ratings of the phone.

Goto your desire product page then scroll down to see the rating and review of the product.

Always read the  negative reviews ( and the reviewer should be a certified buyer of the product.)


Some of the common problem with the phones:

1.Heating Problem:

When you buy an android mobile and charge it, It will produce some heat because the device is charging for the first time.

But if the heating problem is not solved within three days then you should return the product and get your refund.

2. Camera Quality:

This problem is not so big as it looks, but yes it can be very annoying to click a selfie or to record a video.

If you are not happy with the photo quality and recorded video quality, you may want a refund because in the long run you will be benefited.

Also read: Apps you should not install on your phone.

I hope you liked this ultimate guide to buying a smartphone.

If you have any question about selecting your smartphone to feel free to comment below.

Stay tuned!
Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
Best 32 inch LED TV Under 20000Are you looking for best LED TVs under 20000 rupees?

Then you have come to the right place.

The no. 1 question is:

What LED TV should I buy with maximum features and excellent sound and picture quality?

Then you are going to love the post.

In this article, I have included top 10 LED TVs with smart features and excellent picture quality.

There is a buying guide included in the last because this will help you to choose a best-led tv in your budget.

Let's get started.

Top 10  Full HD LED TVs Under 20000 Rupees

Here is the list:
  • Samsung 32J4003 LED TV
  • LG 32LJ523D
  • VU 32D6545 LED TV

Samsung 32J4003 32 inches(80cm) -Best LED Tv Under 20K

samsung 32j4003 price in india

If you love to watch cinemas and cricket games, then this LED TV from Samsung is just only for you.This led tv comes with Indian cinema mode and cricket mode which enhance the experience of watching movies and cricket match.

The one thing I didn't like about this tv is it can't mirror any smartphone because it is not a smart tv however you can connect Amazon fire stick with it.

It can be connected to CPU and experience HD quality of the tv.

  • Resolution:1366X768p
  • weight: 13.2 kg
  • HDMI Ports: 2
  • USB port: 1
  • Audio output: 20watts
  • Refresh rate:50 hertz

There is another TV (Samsung 32FH4003) from Samsung with the only difference the refresh rate 100 Hertz and weight of 6 kg.

LG 32LJ523D - Best Surround sound quality LED TV (HD)

lg 32lj523 led tv price in india

This LED TV comes from LG, a well know brand of electronics products. This LED TV  is HD ready resolution of 1366x768p  with wide view angle.

This LED TV also has Bollywood mode, cricket mode, energy saving mode. You can enjoy FM radios on this tv.
  • Resolution:1366x768p
  • weight: 4.7 kg
  • HDMI Ports: 2
  • USB port: 1
  • Audio output: 20watts
  • Refresh rate:50 hertz
However, it doesn't support 4k movies.

VU 32D6545 - Best Budget LED TV 

If you are on a tight budget and looking for LED TVs to buy, then this is the best tv for you.
vu 32d6545 led tv price in india
The screen size of 32"(inches) with the screen resolution of 1920x1080p is giving you ultimate opportunity to experience excellent HD quality Videos and best user experience.

  • Resolution:1920x1080p
  • weight: 6.7 kg
  • HDMI Ports: 2
  • USB port: 2
  • Audio output: 20watts
  • Refresh rate:60 hertz
I like this product because of its screen resolution. However, if you are looking for a branded product, then Samsung or LG  is my go-to choice.

MICROMAX 32 CANVAS-S Best Smart Led TV Under 20k

micromax 32 canvas-s price in india
Micromax 32 canvas-s led tv is my favorite one if you are looking for smart TVs under 20,000 rupees and you are going to love the features of this product.
It comes with MSD 628 quad-core A7 cortex 1 GHz processor, 1GB DDR3 RAM, and storage capacity of 4GB which can be expanded.

It can be connected to your smartphone and do whatever you want from using it as a remote to mirroring your phone screen.

The refresh rate is high 170Hertz which is enough for high graphics quality.


  • Resolution:1366x768p
  • weight: 9kg
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • USB port: 2
  • Audio output: 16 Watts
  • Refresh rate:170 Hertz

LED TV Buying Guide 2018: What to Look for?

there are many important aspects or features of a LED TV you should know about it before purchasing one for you.

It doesn't matter if you buy from online e-commerce stores or offline stores.

There are 5 things you must know before buying a LED TV.
  • Size of the LED TV
  • Resolution of the TV
  • Refresh rate of the TV
  • Audio output of the TV
  • Power input of the TV
Let's explore step-by-step.

1 Size of the TV - What Screen size suits you?

this is quite frustrating and important section of choosing a good LED TV in India.

There are 3 types of screen sizes are popular right now.

  1. 24"(inches) best for computer and for budget people.
  2. 32"(inches) best for people who want to experience better quality.
  3. Above 40"(inches) Best for Dining hall area.
However, there are some disadvantages also.

The distance between the LED TV and viewer (You) matters a lot. 

 If you buy a larger LED TV (above 40 inches) then there is a certain distance of 8 meters from which you can view the TV for better quality experience otherwise your viewing experience will be poor.

Compare it with cinema halls. When you sit near the screen the viewing experience is very poor but if you see it from gallery box then it's awesome. Right?

TV Size

576 resolution720p1080p

8′ feet6′4′









There are another important term matters a lot knows as "resolution".

We mainly have known as HD ready, Full HD, 4K, Ultra HD.

  • Standard Definition
  • HD ready (1280x720p) within 32" (inches)
  • FULL HD(1920x1080p) available only in 32 inches or higher.
  • Ultra HD, 4K(3840x2160) above 42 inches.
These pixels are the reasons behind your picture clarity and quality.

The panels like IPS or VA Or Edge-light, Backlight are also playing important role in terms of viewing angle.

Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is how often the tv changes the image on the screen. It is the numbers of frames (image) per second the television can display. The unit is Hertz(Hz).

That's mean if a LED TV has higher refresh rate then it is better than low refresh rate LED TVs.

However, many brands are using their innovative terms for refresh rates like:

  • Samsung clear motion rate.
  • LG motion clarity index
  • Sony motion flow
  • Panasonic backlight scan.
*You must check out their actual refresh rate by dealers or e-commerce sites specifications.

Audio output:

The audio output or sound quality matters a lot. The audio output of a tv is given by RMS unit.

For example, If a tv has (5 watts + 5 watts) 10watts RMS output then it is said the power of each speaker is 5 watts.

Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
Are you looking for best air purifiers?

Did you know that in India 80% pollution happen in major cities likes Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai?

The horrible truth is that even smaller cities like Patna, Raipur, Ahmadabad, and Gwalior also some of the worst regarding toxic level on the air said by WHO reports.

According to WHO(World Health Organisation), Delhi has the most polluted air in this world with an average PM 2.5 Reading of 153 micrograms per cubic meter.

There are many harmful gases like carbon mono-oxide(CO), lead and other gases are going in with every breath you are taking.

A healthy person breaths about 1000 times per hour and reports says that an average person stays indoor for about 9-12 hours in a day depending on their lifestyle.

How Air Purifiers Works?

An air purifier is a set of filters which filter out harmful particles from the air like a water purifier purify water in many steps.


The filter of an air purifier got choked easily, and you have to clean them with a vacuum cleaner. You are going to shock by seeing the number of dust particles stuck in the filter all of them goes in your lungs if you don't buy the air purifier.

This is especially beneficial for Asthma patients and who is allergic to dust. Now you can not control the outdoor weather, but you can control your indoor situation.

Air purifiers best works in closed rooms, so they don't have to purify continuously in case you put the purifier in the hall you better change the place to a room.

So you have to choose the right type of air purifier according to your needs.

How To Choose The Right Type Air Purifier which fits your needs?

As I said, earlier Air purifier works best with closed rooms, so they don't have to constantly purify dirty air all the time.

There are many air purifiers which comes with an excellent feature called Humidifier. An extra dedicated tank will be needed for humidifying the air, and you have to fill it every time it gets empty.

First, you have to measure the size of the room in sq-meter(length X breadth) then you have to buy the right type of purifier with features like a humidifier, sleep mode or remote control, child lock, air quality monitoring, etc.

I have included top 10 air purifier on this list with their specifications below.

5 Best Air Purifier Under Rs.10,000 

Here is the list:
  • Honeywell A5 53 watt Air Purifier.
  • Philips 1000 Series Ac1215 Purifier.
  • Kent Aura 45 Watt
  • Godrej GAS Air Purifiers.
  • Prestige Air Purifiers.

1. Honeywell Air touch A5 53-watt Room Air Purifier

Honeywell air purifier best for bedrooms and medium-sized living rooms. Its pre-filter prevent the early clogging of HEPA  filter which is the primary purification method used in this item.

  • Coverage area: 300 sq.ft.
  • Approximately 3000 hours of filter life and the filter can be easily replaced.
  • Three advance filtering system.
  • Wattage:53 watts.
  • Clean air delivery rate(CADR): 250m3/hr.
  • Child lock available.
  • There is no display which gives PMI level. Only light indication.

  • Coverage Area: 650sq.ft.
  • CADR: 270m3/hr.
  • Warranty:2 years.
  • Filtration type: HEPA filter.
  • Available with child lock, auto night mode, etc.

  • Coverage area: 290sq.ft.
  • CADR: 180m3/hr.
  • 4 stages of purification.
  • Warranty: 1year on the product.
  • Filter type: HEPA 
  • Filter change alert.
  • Available with child lock function.

  • Coverage area:270sq.ft.
  • CADR: Not included on Amazon(will update it soon)
  • Filter type: HEPA
  • Warranty: 1year
  • Cost of filter change is a little bit higher than other air purifiers.

  • Coverage area: 289 sq.ft.
  • Filtration type: HEPA
  • 5 Stages of filtration provided.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Auto Timer is also available.
  • Humidifier.

Now we are going to check best air purifiers within the range of 20,000 rupees.

Best Smartphone Tech is a blog about Smartphones and its accessories for gadget lovers and buyers who love to know more about technology.
how to download youtube videos without any app

Wanted to download youtube videos on your smartphone?

Your searching ends here.

There are many apps available on the internet from where you can download youtube videos.

In this article, I'm going to show you 3 ways to download a youtube video.

Note:  Paid youtube videos cannot be downloaded from any of this methods.

#1 Official Youtube App :

Official youtube app helps you to view videos online and offline.

Step 1: Install Youtube app from play store.

Step 2: Open the video that you want to download.

Step 3: Click on the Icon as shown in the screenshot below.

Note: Sometimes the download icon disabled because the video cannot be downloaded.

This is why you need to check the second method to download videos and also the videos can be downloaded to external storage.

In offline mode, you can see videos you downloaded before, but you can't move those videos to your external storage.

#2 Youtube Downloader App

There are many youtube video downloading apps available on the play store.

TubeMate -Youtube Video Downloader app help you to download youtube videos from your smartphone without any worry.

The features of Tubemate are fantastic.

It's a lite plugin (7mb) that help you to download video from youtube.

Step 1: Goto and download the app from there. (It's not available in Play store.)

Step 2: Install the app on your phone and open the app.

Step 3: Just goto video page, and you will see a download icon like the below image.

Click on the download icon and a popup will open with different types resolutions. Choose the resolution and download the video.

Note: The paid videos are not downloadable as well.

#3 Download Videos Without Any App

I love these types of websites which help me to download any video online by just pasting the URL into the search area.

Then a popup will appear, and you need to choose the quality of the video and download will start. 
It is that simple and also without using any app.

I hope you loved this tutorial and be safe while you are downloading videos.(I liked scientific experiments and loved to play with electronic gadgets)

Know a friend, tell him that you learned a way to download youtube videos online (share this post with them.)

Also read: how to download facebook videos