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How To Increase Smartphone Battery Life 2018 (#5 is New)

I am a fan of smartphones! I can do so many things on my phone like chatting with friends, playing games( COC- I'm at TownHall 11), listening music and editing photos.

You name it.

What I hate most when I see my battery percent dropping like a stone from the air.

..Unless I used these tips to prolong my phone's battery life.

My favorite is #5.

#1. Don't use any screen savers

Yes, you heard that right! Those fancy HD wallpapers you think make your phone awesome may not always the best option for you.

Many of us use Samsung smartphones which have AMOLED display panel which shows images by pixel. 

And you can use this function to prolong your battery life.  Select a black wallpaper and set it. It will save some percentage battery.

#2 Remove Unwanted apps from phone

Apps running in the background is the main reason behind your battery draining. You can do few things to save yourself from this problem.

#3 Background data limit, use this function to keep the battery and unwanted data bills.

#4 Use 4G wisely when don't use internet data, please make sure it was OFF.

#5 Don't use those battery saving apps, seriously they run on background.

#6 Don't use auto brightness mode. Its maybe great feature but help you to save battery in the long run.

#7 Use battery saving mode when you've less than 20%, and charge it immediately. Don't wait for fully discharge.

#8 Charge whenever you get some time but make sure before charging battery must be at natural temperature because it maybe damages the battery life.

#9 Disable every function like sync, GPS,  auto-rotating, wifi when not using this features.

#10 Goto google play store and navigate to setting >> disable auto updates of apps.

#11 Always update the apps. Most often they're improved for battery optimization by fixing the bugs.

#12 When using the smartphone and it gets heated to make sure you're not using the phone unless its cooled down.

#13 Don't use internal memory at any cost for saving photos, files, videos, etc. This will slow down the handset and consume more battery.

 Conclusion: Increase or Save Battery Life 

I hope you liked this 13 tips that will help you save your battery more and prolong your battery life.
If you've any question comment below I"ll help you out.