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5 Types of Apps You Should Not Install on Smartphone (Never)

apps you should not installWho does not love to Increase battery power?

Who does not love to boost their RAM for fast working?

Who does not want to increase internet speed?

I am there too.

Did you think that if you need an app to charge fast, then your mobile manufacturer included it on your smartphone?

If there is a way to boost RAM without damaging your mobile, didn't they included it?

Think for one minute.

That is why I uninstalled all the apps which aren't necessary to my daily life.

(There are exactly five types of them)

So let's get started.

#1 RAM Booster Types Apps

Who does not want to make their phone blazing fast?

Me too. However, did these RAM boosters boost your RAM?

Nope. Ram boosters just close the apps running on a background like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Gmail, etc.

Does this hurt your RAM power?

YES. Absolutely.

Smartphones are truly smart. They know what to keep and what to delete. 

Even there is an option like battery saver which closed all the background apps after a certain percentage of battery consume.

What to Do instead?

First, remove or un-install any battery saving apps that you are using right now.

Second, Free up internal memory as much as possible.

Third, Re-boot or re-start the phone.

It should work fine. 

#2 Battery Booster Types Apps

Did you fall into the trap of using apps to charge more faster?


There is technology to charge faster. Everything like processor, software and other types of equipment like battery charger are designed in that way.

Not just an app can do all the work. Right?

Did Battery Boosters help you to save battery?

Again there is no need to install an app to save your battery power.

Here is a guide help you to save the battery of smartphones.

#3 Fancy Theme Launcher app

Everyone loves to customize the display of his or her phone.

I love them.

Until one day accidentally I uninstalled one of them and the default launcher setup.

I was upset because now I have to install it again. However, in the meantime, I noticed my device performance increased
It will use less RAM, saving more battery and everything was lightning fast.

That is why I recommend this to my friends, and they also saw the performance improved.

If you want to improve your smartphone device, then uninstall theme launcher which does not default on your smartphone.

#4 Unwanted Web-browsers

I bet you installed UC-mini on your phone?

It was so common.

However, I do not use UC-mini. Not because it was not useful, but I did not like the features.

It was so annoying to see a popup when browsing.  An alternative,
Opera Mini. (Here is the download link.)

I love it. Plus it has many features like ad-blocker and web page optimization.

I use Google Chrome and Opera Mini.  Nothing else.

#5 Use This 5 Apps Instead

Love to listen to music online?

Use Savan app.  It is an excellent app for listening music online.

Google Music also works excellent.

Love to Watch Videos?

Use Hotstar for online movies.

Use MX player for offline videos. MX player is an ultimate app that fulfills your all needs related to videos.

Need  Files Manager?

Use ES explorer as an ultimate solution.
Need to browse the Internet?

Use Opera Mini and Google Chrome.

Need to use chat apps?

Use Whatsapp and Facebook.

Hope you loved this tutorial that will help you to choose the types of apps you do not need.

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