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10 Best 2.1 Speaker Under 5000 In India - Buying Guide

Best 2.1 speakers Under 5000
Looking for best 2.1 speakers in India?

Then you are going to love the list a lot.

There are many types of 2.1 sound system or speakers are available online.

I have included top 5 2.1 speakers under 5000 rupees and 5 best 2.1 speakers under 10,000 rupees.

If you are looking for speakers under 10,000 rupees check out best 2.1 speakers under 10000 because it will give more quality sound and better option.

As you may already know that in 2.1 sound system you get 2 satellite (sound box) and one subwoofer to connect to TV or Computer.

Best 2.1 Speakers Under Rs. 5000

I selected this price range because many of us don't want to spend too much money on 2.1 speaker system or many of us don't have the budget to buy a high priced speaker.

Here is the list of best 2.1 speakers in India (2018):
  1. Logitech Z333 2.1 Speaker
  2. Creative E2400 Speaker
  3. F&D F210 Speaker
  4. Creative SBS A255 Speaker
  5. F&D F313 Speaker
I tried to find the best 2.1 speakers with good sound quality, elegant design and included them basis on their weight and specifications.

Logitech Z333 - Best 2.1 Speaker

If you don't know about Logitech, they are the biggest player in the market of technology- they sell speakers, keyboards, mouses, sound systems and well respected for their products quality.

  • Weight:599g
  • 2 Satellite speaker with 1 subwoofer
  • Audio output: 40 Watts RMS and 80 Watts peak.
  • RCA to 3.5mm cable.
  • 1-year guaranty.

Creative E2400 2.1 Speaker

Creative is a well-known company in Sound & Multimedia industry and won many awards for their product. 

This product comes with remote and USB card reader features and built-in MP3 player. Best for TV users and smartphone users.

  • Weight: 3Kg.
  • 2 satellite speaker with one subwoofer.
  • Audio output: 25watts each speaker.
  • RCA to 3.5mm cable.
  • 1year guaranty.

F&D F-210  - Best 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

This product comes from F&D brand, a well-known name in the music industry.

This speaker comes with modern technology like Bluetooth connectivity, remote control, USB supported.

  • Weight: 3.2Kg.
  • 2 satellite speaker with one subwoofer.
  • Audio output: 15watts speaker.
  • RCA to 3.5mm cable.
  • 1year guaranty.
  • Wireless Bluetooth and USB compatible

Creative SBS A255  Best speaker Under 5000 Rupees

This speaker also comes from the Creative brand with IFP design with extended flare surrounding the satellite driver to provide an even more comprehensive acoustic sweet spot.

  • Weight: 2.89 Kg
  • 2 satellite speakers with One subwoofer
  • Audio output: 12 watts
  • 3.5mm stereo jack.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Can be used with TV.
However, this product doesn't come with remote or wireless Bluetooth setup which is a little bit old fashion.

F&D F313U speaker system comes with 7-watt output power to offer an outstanding audio quality.

It comes with USB connectivity option through which it can connect with laptops, phones, MP3 players, etc. but you can connect with pen drives.

  • Weight:2.05Kg
  •  2 satellites with one subwoofer.
  • Wattage:37 watts.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Can be connected to CPU with USB connectivity.

If you are looking for more reliable then Logitech Z333 is my recommendation and if you want more budget-friendly option then F&D F313U is my second recommendation. ( The bass is good for small rooms).
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