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10 Best Earphones With Mic Under Rs.1000 (2018) - Buyers Guide

Best Earphones Under 1000Are you looking for best earphones with mic under 1000 rupees?

Then you have come to the right place.

In this post, I have listed 10 best earphones based on their performance and sound quality. 

When you are buying earphones, you need to remember some specifications and features to remember which I have included in the Buyers Guide section.

Before we move further here is the comparison table you should check it out.

Best Earphones with Mic Under 1000 rupees 2018

  • JBL C100SI with Mic
  • Sennheiser CX 180 Earphones
  • JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

JBL C100SI- Best Earphone with  Mic Under  1K

JBL C100SI In ear headphonesJBL has perfect the art of sound quality. Whenever you have the option to choose between JBL and any other company, pick JBL. Because they are best in the market.

Most of the times they come with higher price range but it absolutely worth it.

The new JBL C100SI is a dynamic, ultra-lightweight in-ear headphone with a microphone that ensures you can take a call without disconnecting the earphone.

Plus this C100SI comes with 9mm driver that let you feel the highest quality bass and sound quality of JBL.

JBL Earphones Length
This JBL in earphone is lighter in weight (around 50grams) makes it entirely comfortable for you, so you don't feel any tenders in your ear.

The length of the chord is 120cm or 1.2m which is more than enough for some people. 

However, I didn't like the noise cancelation of this JBL C100SI in-ear speakers.

  • Lighter in weight.
  • 9mm driver let you feel the music.
  • Comes with a microphone.
  • Chord length 120cm or 1.2m.
  • Normal noise cancelation.

Sennheiser CX 180- Best Lighter Earphones Under 1K

Sennheiser is another well-known brand of headphones and earphones.

This product comes with a slick design and compact speakers that weights around 5g.

Sennheiser CX180 under 1k

The last thing that you want to bother about during your music listening session is the noise pollution that comes in from the external ambiance.

This Sennheiser CX 180 headphone helps you do exactly this with its technically superior features that include relatively higher headphone sensitivity of 16 Ohms.

The one thing I did not like about this product is that it doesn't come with a built-in microphone so you can't answer any phone calls you have to disconnect the earphones.

The length of the chord is 1.2m.

  • Lighter in weight.
  • Slick design.
  • Noise cancellation.
  • Cord length: 1.2m
  • No microphone.

JBL T110 In-Ear Headphones with Mic

JBL is serving this sound community for 60 years, and they are popular in this sound industry.

They’re lightweight, comfortable and compact. 

Under the durable earpiece housing, a pair of 9mm drivers punches out some serious bass.

The weight of this product is more compared to any other product listed here.

  • Microphone available.
  • Tangle-free flat cable.
  • Weight is 191gram.

Sony MDR-EX15AP - Best Ear Buds Under 1000

Sony is the most branded company in electronics markets. They have various types of products you can choose from.

This model comes with slick, simple design along with sturdy 9mm drivers for balanced sound.

Sony MDR-EX15AP Earphone

The frequency ranges over 8Hz-22,000Hz which help you to feel every music along the way.

This in-ear headphone also comes with a microphone which means you can take the call without disconnecting the headphones.

Sony EX15AP is also lightweight, and you can carry it in your pocket, and it is long lasting.

I surprised by Sony's team that they have a smart app which helps you to configure your mic button to chose from volume control or track control functions.

You have to download the app from play store and install it on your phone and have to follow sets of instructions to set up the mic.

This product comes with silicon-based earbuds which help to reduce tenderness on ears after long use.

  • Dedicated Mic setup app.
  • Microphone Available.
  • Lightweight earphone.
  • 1year warranty.
  • Not found.

Wooky Bass 10 - Best Earphone with Volume Buttons

Wooky is a registered trademark and they have created  some beautiful and useful earphones for music lovers. 

wooky Bass 10

This Wooky Bass 10 comes with lots of functionality, among of them volume control is the biggest which is not listed in this list. 

This product comes with microphone along with volume control buttons and makes it easy to change, pause, play or forward the without even touching your phones just from mic area.

Wooky Bass 10 fuctionality

Noise isolation is one of the biggest problem to music lovers. with Wooky you can enjoy  your music without much worring about the noise around you.

Suprisingly Wooky Bass 10 eearphone comes case in which you can kept the earphone and protect the the earphone from further dameges.

Sony MDR-AS210- Best Earphone For Workouts

Sony brought another great earphone under 1000 rupees for workout peoples who love to listen to music when doing workout on GYM or running for cardio exercise.

Sony MDR-AS210 Over Earphone

This earphone comes with splash proof, sweat proof and specialy designed for sports and gym peoples.

When you are feeling the strain in those final workout minutes, pure, energised sound keeps you going until the very end that is why this Sony MDR-AS210 has 13.5mm driver.

The weight  of this product is 10gram so you can say it is pretty lightweighted. 

This earphone comes with adjustable loop hanger clips so that it doesn't fall out while running or doing resistance workout. It is also comes with a flexible 1.2m cord so you can run on tredmills withouts any worries.

  • 13.5mm driver for ultimate bass.
  • Lighter in weight.
  • 1.2m cord long enough for running.
  • Splash proof, sweat proof.
  • Microphone is not available.

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