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9 Best Power Banks In India 2018 -Buying Guide

Is your smartphone's battery drains quickly?

or, don't have time to charge your mobile?

Then probably you need a power bank to charge your mobile. In this post, I am going to compare top 11 best power banks available in India 2018 and show you the best one.

Smartphones are getting smarter day by day and we can't live without them. But their battery power is somewhat less what do we expect.

Now manufacturers trying to build more efficient battery which fulfills our demands and this why we need power banks to keep our mobile charged.

Best Portable Power Banks 2018 In India

Here is the list of best power banks in India 2018:
  • MI 20,000 mAh Power Bank.
  • Corseca DMB2056.
  • Ambrane P-2080.
  • Intex IT-PB15k.
  • lenovo PA13000.
  • Honor Power Banks.
  • Intex IT-PB11k.
  • MI power bank pro 10000mah.
  • Corseca DMB4210.

MI 20,000 mAh -Best Power Banks for Smartphones

Xiaomi has done some great works in terms of features for smartphones series Note and also with high powered power banks.

Mi Powerbaks 20000mah user review

This model comes with a huge 20,000 mAh battery power and can charge two devices simultaneously using 2 USB charging ports.

This model is weighted around 358 grams which is somehow acceptable because of the huge battery backup. The power bank taking around 6-7 hours to fully charged.

MI Power Banks Ports.

This model supports single port 3.0 quick charging and can be charge iPhone 7 seven (7) times in a row. iPhone 7 battery capacity (1960 mAh).

That said you can also use it as a Bluetooth or fitness band charger, you have to press the power button two times to enter on low charging mode (less than <1 amp.).

COOLNUT CMPBAND-53 20000mAh Power Bank

Coolnut is an emerging electronics brand which gained a lot reputation because of their power banks battery power and charging speed.

This model comes with 20,000 mAh battery power and with two battery charging ports.

The weight of this product is around 440 grams which is a little bit more than MI 20000 mAh power bank but it is reasonable.
CoolNut 20000 Best Power bank for money value

This product comes with a LED display and a flashlight which is very useful in case you need an emergency light.

The material is ABS which makes it lighter in weight and has a matty finish on the plastic material.

Corseca 10,000 mAh -Best 10000 mAh Power Banks

Corseca is a new brand in electronics world but they have built some reputation within the short span of time.

Corseca Power Bank review

This Corseca model comes with 10,000 mAh battery life and two charging ports. Thus you can connect multiple devices to the portable charger.

This device has to charge indicator light which shows you remaining power in percentage and charges within 3 hours.

Corseca Power Banks Charging ports

The weight of the Corseca 20,000 model is 499 grams and after single, you can use it for times to charge a standard smartphone with 3000 mAh battery.

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