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Welcome to Best Smartphone Tech blog.

I'm Pradip, and I love to share technology related news and reviews.

Why Best SmartPhone Tech?

Best Smartphone Tech blog was born on 2017 October by me (Pradip).

This blog helps you to choose the best smartphone and its accessories like headphones, batteries, etc.

The unique feature of this blog is it is only maintained by me, so I tried to share just best review like this Gionee P7, Redmi Note 4. (I bet you like them).

The Author, CEO of This Blog

Now it's introduction time.

I am Pradip Singha, currently pursuing my diploma degree in Electrical stream.

I started this blog to help other people who don't know how to adjust their lives to technology.

Technology can help you in many ways:

It can help you to learn a new skill.

It can help you to solve your problem.

It can help you to make your life easier.

So if you want to make your life easier by using technology in your way, then you should opt for my emails by using the signup form below.

Now I want you to share your story with me, how technology helps you to make your life easier or you're going to use technology to makes things easier and faster. ( I read every single comment)